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We are an ELDT compliant truck driving school, helping students obtain a Class A commercial drivers license. Learn the skills you need in order to take advantage of the many opportunities within the truck driving industry.

Learn to operate in one of the most lucrative industries.

It’s no secret that the world needs truck drivers more than ever. The growing demand for logistics and gaps in the supply chain means the industry pays great benefits for truck drivers. Our Ontario, CA-based trucking school provides the finest education and hands-on training, with job placements to get you started.

We'll get you DMV road test ready in as little 4 weeks

We are proud to help new students jumpstart their career in the trucking industry. Why do people come to us? Because we get you ready to leverage truck driving opportunities fast, efficiently, and effectively. We provide holistic support with both written testing and road training so you can get on the road and start earning.

Close up view of the cab and driver of a commercial truck on the highway.
Right Lane Trucking Academy

Class A CDL Training

Our trucking school gets what you need.

When one considers a career in logistics, they find themselves overwhelmed with all the requirements needed to start driving trucks. Our trucking school makes everything simple, teaching you everything you need to know and tearing down the barriers to entry. The pluses of learning and graduating with us include:
  • We bring a host of professional truck drivers onboard to ensure you have a fantastic partner that shares their wisdom and technique.
  • Their decades of experience will offer students invaluable advice on being the most efficient truck driver while helping you make industry connections.


You will get the best out of training with your CDL Permit.

Everyone needs a Class A License to operate commercial vehicles like trucks. They ensure that truck drivers are safe and qualified to drive on the highways and understand how to approach every scenario when driving trucks. Our classes ensure that students graduate with a Class A License with a complete understanding of passing the test.

Once you have your CDL (Commercial Drivers License), the logistics business is your oyster. The vast number of benefits graduating from us include average starting salaries of $50,000, including paid vacation time, insurances, job security, retirement plans, and so much more. Take the world by storm by operating a truck with a full CDL.

Being a truck driver yields some of the most exciting, rewarding, and adventurous times of your life. You’re just a few steps away from taking advantage of this life- changing opportunity. Enroll now in our truck driving school, and we will make sure you are all set for an incredible career as a truck driver.

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