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Strategically positioned in the Inland Empire, bridging San Bernardino and
Los Angeles, Right Lane Trucking Academy harnesses the power of emerging technology such as, AI and virtual reality driven simulated truck training, with a blend of simulated and on-road training, we're shaping the next generation of tech-adept truckers primed for Southern California's diverse driving landscapes.

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Why is Right Lane the best choice for you to get ahead?

Unparalleled Instruction & Expertise

At the heart of Right Lane Trucking Academy's success are our instructors — seasoned veterans with years of industry experience. Their dedication transcends traditional teaching, ensuring each student benefits from their wealth of knowledge, insights, and hands-on expertise.

  • State-of-the-Art Training Fleet.

  • Real-world, Practical Training Modules.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Safety.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our educational philosophy embraces a 360-degree approach. We merge rigorous classroom theory with enriching on-the-road experiences, ensuring our students gain a well-rounded skill set.

In-depth Curriculum

Expert-led Classroom Sessions

Personalized Guidance and Support

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Class A (Automatic Truck) Basic Plan

40 hours behind-the-wheel training, 60-day term. Truck and trailer provided at DMV.

Class A (Manual Truck) Basic Plan

40 hours behind-the-wheel training, 60-day term. Truck and trailer provided at DMV.

Class B Basic Plan

40 hours behind-the-wheel training, 30-day term. Truck provided at DMV.

Hazmat Endorsement

Add the Hazmat Endorsement to your Class A or Class B CDL.

Down Payment Options

Down payment for Class A & B. Balance paid prior to DMV appointment.

Online Resources

Just looking to brush up on some essential trucking? We got you covered. Follow the link to check out a selection of our YouTube videos that will take you over essential skills.

Distinctive Features

Why Right Lane Trucking Academy is the Premier Choice

Stand out in the industry with a unique blend of attributes that define us:

Advanced Fleet

Our fleet incorporates the latest technology, ensuring students train with the best in the industry.

Veteran Instructors

Benefit from our seasoned professionals, imparting their rich, real-world trucking experience.

Safety Ethos

Our commitment to safety is paramount, producing responsible and safety-conscious drivers.

Holistic Training

Experience a fusion of theory and hands-on exercises, making you road-ready and confident.

All-Encompassing Curriculum

From the basics to intricacies, our courses are tailored for comprehensive trucking mastery.

Prime Locations

Positioned in Southern California's strategic hubs, we're within easy reach for all aspiring truckers.


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